…and the truth will set you free.


How long will it take?

This is the ultimate question – the answer is quite simply… “As soon as honesty wins out over greed and personal interests”


There is a serious misalignment with regards to the true interests of the majority of the American public and what is best from a political stance.  While you would like to believe that you really do have all the rights that our forefathers had intended; this is really not the case.  Politicians try to do what they think will be to their advantage.  It is a pity that the majority takes a back seat to the politicians longevity – but this is the way that it works.  The power to change this is indeed in your own hands but you need to do something about it.

What will be the direct result of these changes?

A better economy, a steady trend of decreasing violent crime, and more importantly increased resources for fuel, medicines and more.


There is much scientific and factual evidence to support this expected outcome.  Right now there is too much needless focus on a problem that really does not exist.  Billions of dollars are wasted every year based on propaganda that originated in the early part of the 20th century.  It would be a shame to think that eventually it will be found out just how blindly we have been led – only to find out that the solution to many of our problems was well within our grasp.  All that is needed is some thinking outside the box and acceptance of what is scientific fact.  Yes, people will have to admit that they have been wrong.  Sadly, what was once a good measure of character is very difficult to expect it seems.

What can I do to help?

Read the Bill of Rights and understand what our forefathers when they wrote it.  There have been many years of inaccurate facts being propagated – so many in fact that those who attempt to speak the truth are often looked upon as if they were ignorant.  This is really quite interesting when the reality is that those doing the judging are actually the ones at an intellectual deficit.  Do not allow opinion to be thrust upon you – think for yourself and listen to the facts.  Then and only then… vote.









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